Mike Mack


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Mike is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

He has been a professional speaker for over 13 years and loves connecting with any audience in virtually any industry.

Mike has honed his speaking skills over a long period of time and with constant dedication to the craft. As a former member of Toastmasters International, Mike obtained his Distinguished Toastmasters Designation – DTM. The Distinguished Toastmaster award is the highest Toastmasters International bestows and recognizes a superior level of achievement in both communication and leadership.


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Mike can speak on a variety of topics, however his three signature topics are on the following:



Format:  Keynote or 3-hour workshop 

This program is perfect for:

  • Senior Management and Business Owners.

  • Managers that want to improve Customer Service.

  • All front-line teams who need to improve their service levels and soft-skills.

The audience will leave with:

  • A strong understanding of how Remarkable Service will keep customers coming back.

  • Discover ways to assess their current customer service standards within their business and find opportunities to change behaviours and habits that can improve those service standards.

  • Identify barriers with your service standards that include: (Friendliness, Responsiveness, Speed, Competence, Value and Reliability).

  • Creating your Moments of Truth for every customer. (What do they see when they come in contact with your organization)?

  • Identify the Top 5 little things that their business currently does that customers love and brainstorm a comprehensive list of "little things" that they can do to enhance the customer service experience.

  • Learning where communication can break down in their business that can cause customer concerns/complaints.

  • Understanding that your business needs to be in the Hospitality business. (It's not just for hotels and restaurants)

  • Ultimately, participants will create a plan so that their business is the "Business that Everyone is Talking About", in a positive and complimentary manner.

  • A high-level roadmap for their employees to follow with actionable items that can be implemented right away by the entire team.

This is one of Mike’s signature presentation that he has delivered many times to hundreds of participants, and it has been extremely well received.

“What if your business was so remarkable that customers came in like they were rushing to a rock concert?”


 “I have known Mike Mack of X5 Management since 2005. He is a highly respected and trustworthy individual. In my capacity of Chair, MacKay CEO/Executive Forums I have called upon Mike on several occasions to present to our Forums. Mike has facilitated interactive and engaging presentations on "Delivering Remarkable Service" that have resonated with our Forum members, in fact a number of our members have requested X5 Management's professional consulting services to help support their business with the improvement of Customer Service. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike and the X5 team to any of my professional connections who may benefit from their services.” ~Dr. Larry O., EDMONTON CHAIR AT TIGER 21, MACKAY CEO FORUM LEADER, OHLHAUSER & ASSOCIATES LTD. 

“Mike Mack is a genuine leader who consistently delivers on his brand. From the moment I met Mike a few years ago, I liked his authenticity; as I have seen his integrity of character over the years, my respect continues to grow; and he has instilled a deep trust, as I know he will always give his best. I so appreciate Mike and have heard nothing but great feedback from his DEXIO session on Defining Remarkable Customer Service. Mike stripped the fluff away and delivered great value. I would strongly encourage organizational leaders to sit down with Mike and X5 Management to see how their team can improve.” ~Dan Duckering, FOUNDING PARTNER AT DEXIO INC, DEXIO INC.  

“Mike was able to communicate on a level that was both enjoyed and understood by his audience. Several members remarked that he not only understood their positions and accountability but directed his attention to each individual. Personable, polite, plausible delivering an important and memorable message. Everyone agreed the time flew by and would readily agree to a return visit.” ~T.M. REGIONAL SALES DIRECTOR, MANULIFE BANK




Format: Keynote or 3-hour workshop

This program is perfect for:

  • Business Owners, entrepreneurs

  • Senior Managers

  • Sales Teams and their leaders

The audience will leave with:

  • A deeper understanding of what is required to build relationships for keeps in business and in life.

  • More confidence in how to best leverage their relationship building style.

  • The ability to create long-term and meaningful relationships by earning LRT. (Like-Respect-Trust)

  • Tools to ensure that more relationships are created that lead to more sales and customers.

  • Tips and techniques on effective networking behaviors that really work

This program is the foundation of Mike’s NEW book that was released on Amazon on November 14th, 2019.  If you need to build more relationships in your life and business, (Who doesn't??) this is a must attend presentation. 

“The foundation of any powerful relationship.
LRT = Like + Respect + Trust


“Mike has the incredible ability to connect with his audience. Always prepared and determined to achieve the 'intended' end result or purpose. Respectful of the audience: he is confident and a tremendous achiever and communicator.” ~Peter Kossowan, PAST DISTRICT 42 GOVERNOR, TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL 

Mike Mack’s book, Relationships for Keeps is a guru’s guide on creating, sustaining and enriching relationships that pay off for a lifetime.” ~Sawan Kapoor, CEO Kapoor Lamp Shade Co., Chennai, India

In Relationships For Keeps, Mike Mack shares the secrets of building long-term, meaningful relationships that are so essential to our success, both personally and professionally. I was completely engrossed in this compelling and touching story that I know draws from Mike's own experiences and relationship mastery. If you're someone who is looking to learn how to develop more meaningful and productive relationships or are already accomplished and want to up your 'relationship game,' you'll thoroughly appreciate and benefit from this book. Enjoy!” ~Shannon Waller, Entrepreneurial Teamwork Specialist, Author, and Coach Strategic Coach Inc. Toronto, Canada

I first met Mike at a Toastmasters group in 2005, and we have built a great friendship ever since. I and developing relationships, nobody is more passionate about it than Mike.”
~Chad Griffiths, SIOR, CCIM Partner NAI Commercial Real Estate Inc., Edmonton, Canada


 Format: Keynote or 3-hour workshop 

“When it comes to successful business development and real sales results, planning is key, but execution is critical”

This program is perfect for:

  • Senior Management and Business Owners.

  • Sales Managers wanting to boost sales performance.

  • Teams that want to improve their front-line sales success.

The audience will leave with:

  • Techniques for prospecting and qualifying clients

  • Identify how to develop a pipeline of profitable clients

  • Determine how to plan for sales opportunities

  • Identify techniques for making contact with prospects

  • How to build COI’s (Centres of Influence)

  • Identify strategies you will implement for prospecting and territory management.

  • How to build meaningful relationships in-person or through social media tools, such as LinkedIn

  • Find out what LRT really means (Like-Respect-Trust) and how to apply it in sales.

  • Learn how to be more effective with networking and establishing rapport.

This is a must attend for any business looking to grow sales in a good economy or more challenging economy. 


“Dear Mike... I wanted to express my gratitude to you and your company X5 Management, for putting on an amazing event. It was powerful and of extreme value. Mike, you did an outstanding job on the stage with your talk and introductions. Your passion came through and the presentation of your speech was outstanding. Thank you and congratulations on the successful event!” ~B. Kirkland, GENERAL MANAGER, LEXUS OF EDMONTON

“Mike's engaging and charismatic style creates a warm sense of inclusion in the events that I have been privileged to attend. I find his communication to be open and direct, and most importantly relevant in today's fast paced business environment. From previous events that I have attended, our teams came away enthusiastic and ready to convert his thoughts into action. The results have been amazing! If you are looking for innovation and inspiration - I highly recommend Mike!” ~S.J.M, rvp Western canada, MANULIFE BANK 

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