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Mike is a bestselling author of two books!


How to Build Powerful Relationships in Business and in Life

(AN AMAZON bestseller)

As this is my second published book, I am hopeful that, in some small way, I can provide more writing wisdom and influence, on a subject that I am very passionate about. My wish is that you apply the lessons learned from this book, so you may benefit from building long-term Relationships for Keeps.

I have always been someone who values relationships.

For me, the foundation is LRT = Like + Respect + Trust.


If you truly have the desire and interest to really establish stronger and more meaningful relationships, this story is for you! Relationships for Keeps provides simple, yet thought-provoking lessons and advice.

Over the years, people have told me I am a master networker, or they think that I know everyone. In reality, that’s not entirely true. I just really value building lasting and meaningful relationships.

This book is about creating and maintaining relationships for keeps and the work required to make them last.

Some concepts and stories may depict some of my own personal experiences throughout my professional career and life. They are loosely based and modified to emphasize key relationship insight.

It’s the story of a fictional character named Joe Lanz, who is a likeable and coachable guy who dreams of owning his own business. He desperately wants to break free from the world of corporate bureaucracy. Along the way, he faces many personal and professional struggles. During his journey, Joe meets a man, Vic Lawrence, who is 30 years older than Joe, and over the years, they develop a relationship for keeps.

Unbeknownst to Joe, Vic will become a dear friend and mentor. Vic will teach Joe many lessons in life, particularly about building strong, lifelong relationships.

Anyone can put themselves in Joe’s shoes at some point in their life; a business professional; a sales representative trying to grow their client base; a university student trying to build a network of people for future career opportunities; a partner who wrestles with an important personal relationship; or a struggling business owner who lacks the trusted network they hoped for, when times are tough. Through all of our ups and downs in life, the people we have meaningful relationships with are key to helping us move forward and grow.

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“My relationship with Mike started similar to most, but it’s been Mike’s ambitious values that have driven our working relationship into a friendship for keeps. Mike’s deep-seated attention to collaboration, win-win thinking, and strong relationship building are evident in all aspects of the work we’ve done together. I can’t wait to order this must-read book.” ~Brent Lawrence, Parts Operations Manager, Stahl Peterbilt, Edmonton, Canada

“Mike Mack’s book, Relationships for Keeps is a guru’s guide on creating, sustaining and enriching relationships that pay off for a lifetime.” ~Sawan Kapoor, CEO Kapoor Lamp Shade Co., Chennai, India

“In Relationships For Keeps, Mike Mack shares the secrets of building long-term, meaningful relationships that are so essential to our success, both personally and professionally. I was completely engrossed in this compelling and touching story that I know draws from Mike's own experiences and relationship mastery. If you're someone who is looking to learn how to develop more meaningful and productive relationships or are already accomplished and want to up your 'relationship game,' you'll thoroughly appreciate and benefit from this book. Enjoy!” ~Shannon Waller, Entrepreneurial Teamwork Specialist, Author, and Coach, Strategic Coach Inc. Toronto, Canada  

“Many people talk about the importance of relationships, yet so many don't put in the effort required to create and maintain them. I've met over 10,000 people in my life, from all around the world, and I can unequivocally say Mike Mack is the quintessential relationship guy. From the first day we met, he genuinely built and authentically fostered the deep friendship I'm appreciative to have with him.” ~Rishi Patel, Partner, Client Relations, Keeran Networks, Alberta, Canada  

"LRT is a great foundation for relationships in life. Being open and vulnerable and ready to truly engage and learn throughout life is truly a remarkable skill. Thank you for sharing Joe's journey." ~Curtis Stange, President and CEO, ATB Financial, Alberta, Canada


"I have always admired how Mike Mack builds relationships. There is just a way about him that makes it easy to build meaningful relationships. He really knows how to make you feel heard. Building relationships has always being a priority for me and my relationships have transformed my own business. This is a great book if you want to sharpen your relationship building skills as it is very relatable and easy to follow. I love Mike’s analogy of dropping pebbles and chasing the ripple effects."~ Catherine Vu, Chief Uptime Officer, Pro-Active IT Management Inc. Alberta, 

“Mike Mack really captures the essence of the importance of personal and professional relationships in this easy to read and entertaining story that will positively impact everyone who reads it.” ~Sheri Fink, Inspirational Speaker, #1 Bestselling Author, and Award-winning Entrepreneur, California, USA

 “Upon reflection, this book reminds me that strong relationships contribute to a long, healthy, and happy life whether in business or in your personal life.” ~Richard A. Wong President, Nova Hotels, Alberta, Canada


How to Keep Your Doors Open

(an Amazon BestSeller)

“It is my belief that remarkable customer service can improve revenue and overall corporate profitability. Learn why the little things make all the difference.” — MIKE MACK

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It is my belief that Remarkable Customer Service can improve revenue and overall corporate profitability. It can open doors for your business and if you do a poor job of taking care of your customers, you may find your doors closed! Every business has the ability to create and deliver Remarkable Service.

mike and red door.jpg

This book is packed with unforgettable Customer Service stories. Some are truly Remarkable in a great way and some are so bad that we will remark about the story and the businesses involved for a very long time. I offer my sincere thanks to all of the amazing people who took the time to contribute their Remarkable stories to this book. From India, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Halifax, Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, Germany, and more.  

Learn what it takes to ensure that your doors stay open, regardless of economic conditions.  

What is Remarkable Service?
Why do some organizations give it?
Why do some consistently screw up?

Learn what it takes to deliver Remarkable Service and why everyone on your team has to understand that the “little things” make all the difference.   

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Customer Service is a vital component of our business regardless of the economy. Every member of our team is aware of the importance of going above and beyond to retain our valued customers. Mike Mack's book, Remarkable Service is a great reminder of what we must do during every customer interaction. When a customer has a challenge or problem, it must become our problem and we must make every attempt to solve the problem for our customer.”
 ~Eddy Stahl President, Stahl Peterbilt Inc.

It's not enough to just talk about customer service, it needs to be constantly worked on. Mike's book helps you put tangible and actionable items to work to better increase your organization's customer service. He really packed this revised edition with great stories that will resonate with everyone.” A great read on a crucial business topic.” - ~Chad Griffiths, CCIM, MRICS Partner, Associate Broker NAI Commercial Real Estate Inc.

"Business is so competitive today. Excelling at the basics is a start, but it's not enough. Customers expect and demand more! I have traveled the world over the course of my career, and there is one very valuable lesson that I've learned about customer service: It is the little things that make the biggest impact! Taking care of the small details separates one company from another, brings a level of satisfaction that is vivid and remarkable, and can ingrain a brand into the mind of the consumer for a very long time. Mike Mack captures the essence of this message in his latest book. If you want to improve your bottom line, remember the importance of the small details. When that happens, you build a loyal customer base that will help you realize success well beyond the customer's initial experience with your brand." ~Tim McClure, Professional Speaker, Brand & Leadership Consultant


The simplicity of Mike's message in his book Remarkable Service makes it a valuable read. It is my belief that every business in any industry can benefit from the insights that this book offers, and we must be reminded that the little things that are done consistently can make a big difference. At Arrow Engineering Inc. we strive to deliver Remarkable Service at every touch point of our customer's experience.” ~Greg Burghardt, President & CEO Arrow Engineering

Remarkable Service is an easy read, but more importantly, providing Remarkable Customer Service is easier to achieve than many think. Mike Mack lays out a number of key strategies that any business can adopt, complete with great examples. You don’t have to blow things up and start over to provide Remarkable Service – you can simply make incremental small changes that add up.” ~Lorne M. Wight President & CEO, Allwest Furnishings