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Mike Mack has helped Alberta-based truck dealership Stahl Peterbilt improve their customer service through leadership training and coaching – Creating a cohesive team.

Stahl Peterbilt has allowed us to share their case study to show how we supported their sales, service and team challenges and implemented new strategies and techniques to improve their employee performance, customer satisfaction. After coaching and training from Mike Mack, Stahl Peterbilt reported stronger performance, enhanced culture – Mike Mack can do the same for your business.

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Becoming Best in Class

In 2012, Mike Mack received a call from Stahl Peterbilt. They are an Edmonton, Alberta-based (with two other locations in Grand Prairie and Fort McMurray, Alberta) full service dealership that offers new and used medium and heavy duty truck Sales, Parts, Service, Finance, Rental and Leasing, and Body work. Stahl Peterbilt was looking to enhance their overall service levels within the dealership branches and Mike Mack was fortunate to gain their trust and support their business. Stahl Peterbilt is still a valued customer and they do so many things remarkably well. They make it part of their mission to “consistently provide high-quality customer service in all areas of the business.”

As a Best in Class dealership, they continually recruit and develop a customer-focused team. Stahl Peterbilt provides a culture and environment of mutual trust and respect with all their employees, customers and suppliers. They also invest in their Best in Class facilities, which look highly professional and always pristine. All team members and departments make it a daily focus to provide the best possible service to their customers. It has been a privilege to work with such a great company, filled with leaders who are constantly striving to make their business better, and for them, customer service is always top of mind.

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The biggest thing that I’ve seen in working with Mike Mack is the consistency right across the board to help support us as leaders, to develop the leaders that are working with us, to make the work place environment consistent right through all departments, to ensure that we provide the best customer service possible.
— Randy Kerr, Service Operations Manager

Organizations that build remarkable service demonstrate value to their customers. This is an ongoing and constant focus for Stahl Peterbilt. It’s part of their team DNA. In addition, they leverage technology to obtain valuable feedback from their employees and customers so that they are constantly apprised of issues or concerns and they take corrective action to solve the problem quickly. They have a cohesive team that constantly strives to service their customers. Stahl Peterbilt continuously provides their employees with coaching support, technical training, along with soft-skill training, that I have been privileged to support since 2012.

Stahl Peterbilt has recruited and supported great leaders over the years. The retention of their key team leaders is the envy of many organizations and they too, are open to learning, developing and receiving coaching support. To validate this point, in early 2017, I launched The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ Program with the Senior Leaders of Stahl Peterbilt. This measures overall Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results as a collective management team. Stahl Peterbilt had the highest ratings of any team or business that I have ever worked with. All scores are deemed best practice, which speaks further to Stahl Peterbilt’s commitment to the process of improving their already great organization. The entire organization has been involved in training; from the receptionists, service technicians, outside parts sales team, truck sales team, service advisors, to senior management, and with many receiving coaching support.

If you are looking to have a deep dive into your business and expand on your management team, internal staff and are looking to bring your business to the next level and close more deals, you need to work with Mike Mack and his team. It’s allowed us to open our eyes on how we work with each other on a daily basis and how we deal with customers, and as a team, we are all extremely satisfied with the progress.
— Brent Lawrence, Parts Operations Manager

This is an excellent example of how a strong, successful business with a solid brand and excellent products still strives to continually improve and add value to their customers. The list of countless awards that Stahl Peterbilt has received since acquiring the Peterbilt dealership in 2002 is remarkable to say the least. Over the last 14 years, Stahl Peterbilt has won over 50 awards for customer services and best in class excellence. Their awards cabinet can no longer hold all the awards that they have received, simply because it is packed full of plaques, trophies and recognition mementos. Based on this extremely impressive list of awards and accolades you would think that Stahl Peterbilt might become complacent and believe that they are “great” and no further improvement is needed, but ironically, it is quite the opposite.

We have made a significant investment in our people and process improvements utilizing the services of Mike Mack and his team, with the objective of constantly improving overall Customer Service.
— Eddy Stahl, President, Stahl Peterbilt Inc.