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Dan Duckering, Founding Partner at DEXIO Inc./President & CEO Duckering’s Tranport Ltd.

“Mike Mack is a genuine leader who consistently delivers on his brand. From the moment I met Mike a few years ago, I liked his authenticity; as I have seen his integrity of character over the years, my respect continues to grow; and he has instilled a deep trust, as I know he will always give his best.
I so appreciate Mike and have heard nothing but great feedback from his DEXIO session on Defining Remarkable Customer Service. Mike stripped the fluff away and delivered great value. I would strongly encourage organizational leaders to sit down with Mike and X5 Management to see how their team can improve.”

Dr. Larry Ohlhauser, Member at Institute of Corporate Directors

“I have known Mike Mack of X5 Management since 2005. He is a highly respected and trustworthy individual. In my capacity of Chair, MacKay CEO/Executive Forums I have called upon Mike on several occasions to present to our Forums. Mike has facilitated interactive and engaging presentations on “Delivering Remarkable Service” that have resonated with our Forum members, in fact a number of our members have requested X5 Management’s professional consulting services to help support their business with the improvement of Customer Service. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike and the X5 team to any of my professional connections who may benefit from their services.”

Chad Griffiths, Partner, NAI Commercial Real Estate/Past-President South Edmonton Business Assoc.

“Mike Mack presented to our association a couple years ago and his message resonated quite strongly with our members. Mike tailored his presentation to the audience and succeeded at empowering those in attendance to heed to a definitive call to action. Mike is a master of his skill and his energy as a speaker is infectious. After attending a recent event hosted by Mike and his company, X5 Management, it is abundantly clear that Mike is dedicated to the highest standard of excellence in public speaking.”

Bruce Kirkland General Manager Lexus of Edmonton Kossowan

“I wanted to express my gratitude to you and your company X5 Management, for putting on an amazing event. It was powerful and of extreme value. Mike, you did an outstanding job on the stage with your talk and introductions. Your passion came through and the presentation of your speech was outstanding. Thank you and congratulations on the successful event!”

Greg Burghardt, PEng, MBA, President Arrow Engineering

“It is my pleasure to recommend Mike Mack as a business process coach and professional speaker.
I have known Mike for several years, and have had the opportunity to see him speak many times, including once for my staff and more recently at an event with Darren Hardy, (Publisher, SUCCESS magazine). Mike brings wisdom and incite, always delivered in a professional manner.”

Peter Kossowan, DTM Past District 42 Governor, Toastmasters International

“Mike has the incredible ability to connect with his audience. Always prepared and determined to achieve the ‘intended’ end result or purpose. Respectful of the audience: he is confident and a tremendous achiever and communicator.”

Stacie Joosten, MBA, Regional Vice-President, Sales and Distribution at Manulife Bank of Canada

“Mike’s engaging and charismatic style creates a warm sense of inclusion in the events that I have been privileged to attend. I find his communication to be open and direct, and most importantly relevant in today’s fast paced business environment. From previous events that I have attended, our teams came away enthusiastic and ready to convert his thoughts into action. The results have been amazing! If you are looking for innovation and inspiration – I highly recommend Mike!”

Andy VandalDirector of Operations Alberta Oil Tool

“Mike the speaker. Always organized and prepared with the topic as well as having an understanding of who his audience is and can tailor the content to match. Engages the audience and is able to make his presentations informative as well as interactive. Mike has also coached some of our sales people to become better presenters.”

Dorothy Briggs, Founder/Publisher, VAVASAUR Magazine

“Mike Mack made my day, April 29th at the Business Briggade – The Power of Sales. Mike’s presentation was dynamic. He brought clients of his to spend the day to learn from the other speakers. What a generous, professional and intelligent person I have come to know. Mike is a wonderful human being and I am so proud to know him. When you work with Mike you get everything!!!!!!!!!!” .

Edna F Keep, CFP, Chief Executive Officer, Wave Capital Investments

“Mike has been my one-on-one coach since July, 2010. I am an Exempt Market Financial Advisor, Real Estate Investor with over 100 doors, some owned personally, some owned through Joint Ventures, as well as an Exempt Market Product provider. So my business’s have many moving parts. Mike really helps me stay focused on what I do best. He keeps my confidence up and sometimes believes in me more than I believe in myself. It is so great to have him in my corner. When Wave Capital Investments launched earlier this year Mike facilitated a Team workshop to help the Team members focus on what they do best. Mike is a valuable asset to me and my team.”

Lynn Williams, Chief Operating Officer and Owner, RBW Group of Companies

“In the time Mike Mack has spent with our organization, I have witnessed a positive transformation in our team. Through Mike’s use of strategic planning and reporting initiatives, he has made our team more accountable for their activities and has significantly increased their productivity. As a direct result, we have experienced a noticeable increase in sales performance.  Mike has been a real asset to our company. Mike shows excellent leadership skills and is a remarkable motivator. He has a knack for conducting effective workshop seminars by incorporating personal experiences and encouraging involvement. I have confidence in his suggestions and value his advice when making vital business decisions.”

Terry Regenwetter, P.Eng, Owner, ReSoL Financial Group

“When I first got introduced to Mike, he seemed to hold such a high professional standard as a business man. The one thing he held in the highest of importance was his relationships with fellow professionals and the pride he took in always delivering exactly what he said he would do. I am truly honoured that I had Mike at my side, and I can now testify that he is more than a man of his word. He will always deliver more than his amazing track record has already proven.”

Lawrence Wong, President South Edmonton Business Association 2013-2014

“I would like to thank Mike Mack for the recent seminar that he conducted for members of the South Edmonton Business Association. The seminar was called “Networking for Keeps” and not only was it educational, it was inspiring. There were over 70 members in attendance and the feedback that I received was phenomenal. I have personally attended many seminars and workshops but very few were as dynamic, entertaining and engaging as the one that Mike put on. On behalf of The South Edmonton Business Association, thank you once again to Mike Mack and the X5 Management team.”

Arnold McLaughlin, Commercial Realtor, MacDonald Realty Ltd.

“During my many years I have had the opportunity, and the priviledge, of being in audience of some rather dynamic speakers who shared some great messages. Their ways of presenting were their greatest assets. Some of these speakers, just to name a few, were Ziglar. Nightengale, Dr. Hans Selye, Brian Tracey, and many more.When I watch and listen to Mike Mack make a presentation my reaction is “WOW”. I feel he would not have to take a “back seat” to any of the others that have gone before him. The timbre of his voice, his command of the language, his presentation of same, the message, his humour, and attached to the humour, his timing, all these things make him, in my opinion, a very dynamic speaker.

As a former active Toastmaster one comes to appreciate the smoothness of the flow of words, and, as in many cases with others, without the distracting hesitations in those presentations. When I was involved with Toastmasters, over a period many years, once again I had exposure to some very accomplished speakers. The club, in which I was a member, The Keystone Club, in Winnipeg, had no less that two past International Directors as part of its’ membership. Both of them knew how to present, did it well on a consistant basis, and more importantly, encouraged a high level of performance from the membership. As a result we heard a lot of great presentations over the years.

It’s a given that Mike Mack is in this elevated group of presenters. At a recent function he was approached by one of the member of his audience who suggested he was a Toastmaster, and Mike confirmed he was. To which the questioner said “I knew it, based on how you handled your topic and the fashion in which you gave it to us”.

As you already know from the foregoing I am a strong advocate of Mike, and his capabilities, and look forward to a long and continued association with him in the coming years.”

Nicole Shurko, CFP, FMA, Ch.P Strategic Wealth, Kyland Investment Management Inc

I have worked with Mike for over 10 years and continue to see him offer extremely ethical and practical services in the investment and business consulting world. I have had the good fortune to also learn some amazing business and sales practices from Mike and continue to do business with him on an ongoing basis!

Andrew Narten, Territory Manager – Edmonton West, RB Williams Industrial Supply

Mike is a charismatic and strong business minded individual. He strives to serve others in a way that is truly refreshing. People tend to see coaching as ‘getting help,’ but being coached by Mike is more like an event in preparation of reaching your highest potential. He makes coaching fun and the whole process really creates a genuine excitement for going out and using your new knowledge and energy to boost sales. He really does want you to succeed in what you do and with the depth of knowledge that Mike possesses, combined with the variety of connections that Mike has, you surely will. Working with Mike has helped me reach and exceed my sales targets, and develop my professional focus on and off the job, Working with Mike is something I highly recommend to you and your friends.

Lori Lee, Banking Consultant, Manulife Bank of Canada

Mike is very skilled at helping you discover things you wouldn’t necessarily realize about your delivery, style, and personality. He helped me to use my characteristics in a positive and intentional way, and narrow my focus which has laid the groundwork for my successful career with Manulife Bank. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

Trish Bronsch, Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

Beyond Mike’s skilled business acumen, he is a true philanthropist and an incredible community leader. You have only to look at his past involvement to note that Mike feels a responsibility to making a difference in his community, country and the world. He exhibits high personal integrity and is dedicated to being open, honest and setting high standards. Most of all Mike is an inspiration to those he touches and has a positive effect and influence on them. He has supported a number of causes and continues to be a major influence in “changing the world” one day at a time!!

Melony Erickson, Director of Quality, Safety, and HR, Alberta Oil Tool

Mike Mack’s work with our group has been a source of enlightenment for many and a refreshing reminder for others. He engages each participant, without exception. Mike has the wonderful ability to connect with people at all levels in the organization and everyone walks away with something new after one of his workshops. We hope to continue our relationship with Mike, as both our company and our people grow.

Karla Wiens, CFP, Banking Consultant, Manulife Bank of Canada

I have had the pleasure of working with Mike, and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. His enthusiasm is contagious, and he is able to quickly and efficiently identify key areas for personal development. Mike is truly a great motivator, and is focused on adding value. Thank you for helping me get back to the basics Mike!

Jeff Gunther, President, Kingdom Business Group

Mike Mack puts relationships first. Whether addressing large groups, providing one-on-one coaching, or simply sitting around on a Saturday afternoon, he knows how to connect with people. Mike combines extensive experience in the financial services industry with his gift of communication.

Val Read, Real Estate Agent, Re/Max Elite

Mike is a positive, organized “go-getter” who works hard to provide support and direction for others, assisting in giving them guidance and motivation in managing and growing their business while assisting them in setting and attaining goals. Keep up the good work Mike! Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Greg Wolitski, Banking Consultant, Manulife Bank of Canada

Mike has been a great asset to my personal and career development. He has a very strong business mind, with focus on execution and results. The best part: he inspires. Nothing can be more motivating than working with an individual who provides a foundation for growth and prosperity. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Ray Dam, Owner, Precision Building Maintenance

I was employed as a sales rep for a company that sold industrial supplies. They hired Mike Mack, of X5 Management Inc., as a consultant to help our team increase our sales. I had met with Mike once a week to strategize how I may maximize my potential and my territory. Through Mike’s coaching in goal setting, time management skills, organization, and positive mental attitude, I had an instant measurable increase in my monthly sales numbers. I consistently outperformed last year’s figures and usually had the highest percentage of increase, for my territory, over my colleagues. I achieved all my goals and most often exceeded them.

I have since started my own business, but continued to apply Mike’s techniques and ideas. My company is very successful and I attribute that to Mike Mack and X5 Management Inc. Mike has been a great coach and mentor to me. He has helped me find confidence in me that I never thought was possible.

Terry Minke, Regional Sales Director, Manulife Bank

Mike was able to communicate on a level that was both enjoyed and understood by his audience. Several members remarked that he not only understood their positions and accountability but directed his attention to each and everyone. Personable, polite, plausible delivering an important and memorable message. Everyone agreed the time flew by and would readily agree to a return visit.

Clayton Shold, President, Salesopedia

Mike is the consummate communicator. His straightforward, no nonsense style is a refreshing change in doing business. Working with Mike produced great results, his business acumen and leadership skills are well honed, but perhaps even more success critical is his enthusiasm and commitment.

Lorne M. Wight, President – Alberta Division, Corporate Express Canada Inc.

Mike Mack is a dedicated, community minded individual that I personally hold in very high regard. He has demonstrated very strong business acumen, is an excellent public speaker and someone of high ethical standards. I have worked side by side with Mike on numerous projects and can attest to his excellent communications style, his solid leadership ability and strong organizational skills. Without any reservations, I would sincerely recommend Mike Mack to any potential organization.

Darvin Zurfluh, President, Alberta Land & Investment Brokers

The interactive sales management workshop our consultants participated in was very impactful and effective. Mike Mack has compiled years of research and experience in sales management and time management. He is able to cover a lot of information in a short period of time while engaging the audience. I have had the privilege to participate in Mike’s training periodically for over 8 years and my productivity continues to improve after every session. The impact on my business has meant more time to work on the big picture. I am confident that any business looking to enhance productivity will value their time spent with Mike.

Tim Onciul, Chief Financial Officer, The Driving Force

Mike possesses the rare attribute of being able to effectively adjust his communication to match the audience he is addressing. He connects with individuals through effective listening and focused conversation. In addition, his outstanding sense of humour keeps his discussions light, and I always enjoy his contributions to a group situation.

Eden Hampson, REMAX Excellence

Mike Mack brings an incredible level of intensity and competence to everything he does. He has the ability to conceptualize as well as implement with great efficiency. My experience has been that these two skills are rarely found in one person, especially in one who is always upbeat and a positive influence on everyone around him.

Bruce Simpson, William Huff Advertising

I have been fortunate to work with Mike on several projects both in business and on volunteer boards. Mike has always shown excellent communication skills and has a knack of being a true leader. His personality, knowledge and integrity make it quite easy for me to put my trust in him on key decisions.

Mike Joyce, Executive Director, Manufacturers Health and Safety Association

Mike has the great ability to present learning material in a very effective manner. He has a knack for stimulating workshop discussion and creating active participation. He is an excellent presenter and very adept at keeping everyone’s attention. Mike’s involvement with our Association was well received by our participants.

Chad Griffiths, NAI Commercial

In the time I have spent with Mike I have come to see that the core of his character is in his remarkable ability to make each person he is speaking with feel like the most important person in the world. Maya Angelou said that “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” With Mike, you will indeed never forget.

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