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Everyone communicates, but do we connect?

by mikemack on May 1, 2015

As I have learned from leadership guru and best-selling author, John C. Maxwell “connecting is all about others”.

As Maxwell stated in his book: Everyone Communicates – Few Connect “When you are trying to connect with people, it’s not about you — it’s about them. If you want to connect with others, you have to get over yourself”.

How can you apply this in business? Whether it is trying to sell something to a prospective customer; servicing an existing customer; speaking to your team or an audience, there is a need for connection. Ask great questions, make your message about them and listen more!

This topic gains lots of focus in our business at X5 Management. Whether we are working with a sales team or business leaders, the opportunity to improve communication is ongoing. We support sales and service teams to “turn soft skills into hard assets”.

Communication SkillsEveryone has a unique style of communication, and while there are many communication profiles/assessments that are available in the marketplace, one particular tool that we have used for more than 9 years is: What’s My Communication Style, by HRDQ. This tool illustrates 4 styles: Direct, Spirited, Systematic or Considerate.

Direct people take charge of their lives. Spirited people are enthusiastic and friendly. Considerate people value warm, personal relationships. Systematic people are accurate and objective. If you can leverage your communication style strengths and be mindful of potential communication trouble spots you have a better chance of connecting with others.

“Connecting is the ability to identify with people and relate to them in a way that increases your influence with them,” says Maxwell.

Three Questions People Are Asking About You, according to Maxwell.

1. Do you care for me?

2. Can you help me?

3. Can I trust you?

Everyone communicates, but do we connect?

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Does your business offer remarkable service? If not, have you at least experienced Remarkable Service?

small_2643254872 I have become so focused on observing how all types of businesses deliver their customer service that it is becoming second nature to me. It really can’t be that hard…or is it? The sad reality is that when an average business delivers “average” service they don’t seem to be straining themselves to lift your customer service experience. On the other hand, some of the best businesses that consistently deliver remarkable service don’t seem to have to strain very hard either. It looks effortless!

I am currently enjoying some time in the sun in Palm Springs. On Saturday, after arriving we decided to grab a quick bite at a small restaurant. We entered and no one seated us or acknowledged us. After about a 5-7 minute wait a server came to our table and threw four menus on the table, saying, “would you like something to drink?” Wow, such a warm start. 🙂 After we ordered it took a long time to get our food. We were ok simply because we were relaxed and on vacation. We overheard another table ask for their drink order. The server replied: “I can’t make my bartender go any faster.” No acknowledgement of slow service, just a fast comment that the bartender appears to care about awesome service as much as the server does. 🙁

After our lunch we needed to stock up on groceries for the week and went to a nearby Albertsons, which is a supermarket. There were tons of people and the shelves were packed with great food. We stopped by the deli and before we came within 5 feet of the counter, a young man came right up to his side of the counter and said: “good day folks, is there anything that I can help you with?” Ok, a nice first impression of this store. Five minutes later we appeared to be looking a long time at the dairy section. A young many came up, and without being asked, and said: “is there anything that I can help you with?” Ok, now we are seeing consistency and overall great service.
Remarkable service can’t be that hard and isn’t that hard. In the case of Albertsons great service I am remarking about it in this blog and I would imagine that they get lots of remarks about their customer service.

I am a fan and will remark more about this experience in future blogs.

Make it a great week!

Mike Mack
“Helping Businesses Achieve Sales and Service Excellence”

photo credit: highstrungloner via photopin cc

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