Friday, October 20, 2017

Professional Speaking Services

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If you are looking for a Speaker, Presenter, or Facilitator who can motivate and inspire your team to take action, I would love to support your organization.

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I have supported organizations for over 30 years with Sales Growth while ensuring these organizations create REMARKABLE Service. The continual pursuit of remarkable service from customers never ends. How can your organization grow sales/revenue, while ensuring that your customers continue to be loyal and committed to your business? What do your customers really want?? I can help shed some light on this all important question and offer insight and advice on how you can hit the mark on Customer Service.

Check out my TWO signature presentations to help your organization:
(These can be delivered as a Keynote or workshop presentation)

REMARKABLE SERVICE – Be the Business Everyone’s Talking About.

When was the last time you had Remarkable Service? How did you feel? Did you tell others?

When was the last time that you had poor service? Could the situation have been avoided?

In the good times, (when business is walking in the door) it may be easy to generate sales, but does your business ensure that your customers keep coming back?

Do you practice EMPATHY or APATHY?

Audiences will gain valuable insight for consistent sales growth by paying more attention to their customers.
Whether you are a business leader, owner or sales professional, SALES and SERVICE matter in every business!
Find out how you can create and sustain a steady stream of business and keep your customers happy in their pursuit of remarkable service.

Discover consistent tips that will keep your customers coming back in the good times and tough times.

The Art of Effective Business Development in Today’s Economy

Relationships are key to Business success and people make the world go around and they make or break our business.

How can we connect with more people? I am a big fan of John C. Maxwell and his great book, “Everyone Communicates Few Connect.” He says if you want to succeed, you must learn how to connect with people, and while it may seem like some people are just born with it, the fact is anyone can learn how to make every communication an opportunity for a powerful connection.

How can we create a Win-Win? If connecting is about the other person, we must make it a winning opportunity for the other person to do business with you.

Find out what LRT really means. (Like-Respect-Trust) It is my belief that people must Like-Respect-Trust you if they are going to do business with you.

Learn how to be more effective with networking and establishing rapport. Discover tips and techniques that help you get more out of networking events. Are you the Bee, or the flower?

-Define territory management
-Describe techniques for prospecting and qualifying customers
-Identify how to develop a pipeline of profitable customers
-Determine how to plan for sales opportunities
-Identify techniques for making contact with prospects
-Identify strategies you will implement for prospecting and territory management

How can you build meaningful relationships in-person or through social media tools, such as LinkedIn?

“Mike, your presentation last night, “Relationships for Keeps”, is one of the best, if not the best, workshops on networking I have ever attended. Not only was it educational, you also made it fun. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to develop business relationships, or social relationships for that matter. For anyone developing a business, this presentation is invaluable.
I look forward to attending future events.”
-Rita Hemmes-Davis, CSC, PFP Investors Group

For more details on my professional speaking background Click Here

My company, X5 Management also offers: Training, Coaching and Consulting services specific to: Customer Service, Sales Growth, Team Building, Leadership Development and Strategic Planning.

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