Friday, October 20, 2017


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Mike Mack interviews Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine!

Darren gives an exclusive interview before wowing the crowd in Edmonton, Alberta, with his insipring presentation.

Dennis Bridges, Darren Hardy, Nicolle Germain, Mike Mack, and Matt GraffListen to Mike interview Darren Hardy in Edmonton, Alberta. Click here. Darren speaks directly to entrepreneurs in our business climate about opportunities and challenges, as well as some of the things that have led to his personal success. We are incredibly grateful to Darren for taking the time to share some of his wisdom with us.


Mike’s keynote presentation at Toastmasters Anniversary.

Mike reveals the 5 key things he has learned in his Toastmasters journey since 2003.

Empathy – Vulnerability – Confidence – Listening – Feedback

Short Video clip, Click here
(Stay tuned for FULL presentation on video. Coming soon!!)

Recent radio interview with Joel Boggess and Dr. Pei Kang-Boggess of Dallas, Texas

“Raise your Game” featuring Mike Mack. I share 5 pieces of rock-solid business-building advice.

(You can start the audio at the 23 min mark to commence with Mike’s interview)

Mike’s Networking for Keeps presentation (South Edmonton Business Association)

Relationships are Key to Business success.
LRT (Like-Respect-Trust) How it can work for you.
People make the world go around and they make or break our business.
How can we connect with more people, and build long lasting relationships?
Leverage LinkedIn as a powerful networking tool.
Avoid handing our our business cards like blackjack dealers.

Mike’s Branding for Keeps presentation (MentorUp Alberta)

Be authentic and genuine.
From awkward to awesome.
Show up as your true self 24/7.
Are you the same In-Person and On-line?



X5 Management Professional Audio – Volume 1
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Networking for Keeps Podcast
Click to listen

Podcast interview with Charmaine Hammond (SEDA-Saskatchewan Economic Development Association) Nov. 2013
Mike offers Business Success Strategies during an interview with Charmaine. Click to listen

Podcast interview with Charmaine Hammond Jan. 2013

Mike joins Charmaine’s BlogTalk Radio show and talks about Business Success in 2013. Click to listen


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Sales-The Golf Edition, August 2013

X5 CROPS Report – People, January 2013

Don’t Keep Score, April. 2011

Connection, Connect, Connecting, Nov. 2010

Networking Podcast, Nov.2009

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